About Us

Our Mission: Fast and Affordable Patent Search

Facing patent rejections due to prior art is a major challenge.

IPTorch™ addresses this challenge by offering a free tool for prior art search, for budget-conscious inventors and professionals.
Our mission is to simplify the intricate traditional process, focusing on delivering precise and time-efficient prior-art results
IPTorch™ leverages cutting-edge AI technology to revolutionize the discovery, categorization, and evaluation of prior art according to your invention description. Our advanced system ensures an unparalleled level of accuracy, efficiency, and relevance in identifying potential challenges, empowering inventors with a strategic advantage in the patent application process.
Welcome to a new era of precision and affordability in intellectual property exploration with IPtorch.

Why IPTorch?

  • Affordability: Unlike traditional patent firms that charge high fees for prior-art searches, IPTorch offers basic features for free. We believe in making essential patent search capabilities accessible to all, ensuring cost is not a barrier to innovation.
  • Speed: While patent firms may take days or weeks to complete a search, IPTorch accelerates the process, delivering comprehensive results in a matter of minutes. Our technology is designed for efficiency, saving valuable time in the patent application journey.
  • Accuracy: IPTorch maintains a high standard of accuracy and precision in its searches. Through the utilization of semantic search and state-of-the-art AI models, our platform ensures that the results are of top-notch quality. We prioritize the reliability and depth of the search, providing inventors with confidence in their intellectual property exploration.
  • Adaptability: IPTorch offers a solution that adapts to your needs. Our search reports are editable, allowing users to add or remove patents based on their specific requirements. This flexibility ensures that inventors have full control over the content and presentation of their search reports, tailoring the information to best suit their unique needs.

Supporting Inventors & Entrepreneurs

For inventors and entrepreneurs, the pivotal question revolves around the feasibility of transforming an innovative idea into a tangible product. Understanding the legal landscape and securing rights to your invention is essential before committing valuable time and resources. With IPTorch, assessing the patent status of your invention is as effortless. Simply use the IPTorch complimentary search and discover whether your invention is novel and distinctive considering prior art. Our goal is to simplify your process and empower you on the path from inspiration to realization.

A Revolutionizing Solution for Patent Professionals

A patent search is an essential tool for patent firms to navigate the complex landscape of intellectual property, ensuring the successful and efficient protection of their clients' inventions. This process is crucial for avoiding duplication, assessing patentability, enhancing the quality of patent applications, and achieving overall cost efficiency in the pursuit of effective patent protection.

However, navigating the vast expanse of technical literature to find relevant prior art is akin to searching for a needle in a haystack. IPTorch transforms this process by cutting through the noise. It efficiently filters and presents only the most pertinent prior art within minutes, not only saving valuable time but also significantly enhancing the accuracy of patent examinations.

IPTorch's features extend beyond streamlined searches to include valuable tools such as a generating a comprehensive patentability report, detailed opinions about each patent, patent suggestions, and even the convenience of an editable patent drafting feature and adding your firm’s branding. IPTorch provides a suite of tools to elevate the overall patent examination experience for professionals.